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2021 Top Resources

A Level Geography

425. HS2 – A Giant Step or an Expensive Mistake?

HS2 is one of Britain’s biggest ever engineering projects and one of the most controversial. This...

A Level Biology

398. The Biology of Ibuprofen

This Biology Factsheet: Gives an overview of the inflammatory response.Describes the role of...

A Level Chemistry

327. Tackling Exam Questions: Graphs

To succeed in this topic, you need to:Be familiar with using and drawing graphs to present...

A Level Geography

427. Human Impact on the Hydrological Cycle

This Geo Factsheet explores the growing impact of humans, both directly and indirectly, on the...

A Level Psychology

267. The Contribution of John Bowlby to Psychology

This Psychology Factsheet outlines the contribution of John Bowlby to our understanding of child...

A Level Biology

401. Investigating Cell Membranes Using Beetroot Tissue

This Biology Factsheet: Explains why beetroot tissue is used for investigating membrane...

A Level Physics

324. Balanced Forces

This Physics Factsheet will: Recognise situations with balanced forces. Understand the difference...

A Level Geography

429. Coral Bleaching – Can Coral Reefs Withstand the Extreme Threat?

This Geo Factsheet examines the sustainability of coral reefs, one of the world’s most threatened...

A Level Media Studies

222. Close Study Product Analysis – Magazine – Oh Comely (renamed Oh)

The aim of this Media Studies Factsheet is to consider Oh Comely Magazine within the context of...

A Level Chemistry

323. Understanding Gases

To succeed in this topic, you need to: Be familiar with the arrangement of particles in the gaseous...

A Level Geography

419. The Australian Bushfires of Summer 2019-20

This Geo Factsheet examines the complex causes of the recent Australian bushfires in the light of...

A Level Sociology

237. Home Schooling

This Sociology Factsheet will look at home schooling, exploring the extent and contextual reasons...

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Engaging, exam-busting resources for KS3, GCSE and A Level.


Instant access to hundreds of KS3, GCSE and A Level Biology resources.


Instant access to hundreds of KS3, GCSE and A Level Geography resources.
What our customers say

‘Textbooks all too often provide superficial coverage of certain topics, or are out of date almost as soon as they are published. With Biology Factsheets, I have access to comprehensive, up-to-date material that I can share with my students to support and enhance their learning. A great resource for students and teachers alike.’

Aaron Bridges Head of Biology, Eton College
What our customers say

'Geography Factsheets are a fantastic resource. They are very detailed in nature and provide excellent information for pupils. The Factsheets are contemporary and this means that pupils can stay up to date with new ideas and themes. Often, the Factsheets also include exam style questions on the topics presented and this just adds to their value in the classroom.'

Tom Howell Head of Geography, St John's School, Leatherhead
What our customers say

‘Excellent resources for A Level Geography. They provide extra information from the text book that serves to motivate and engage students to become geographers. Presented using a range of images, texts, and data in a very engaging manner including further research and exercises which are invaluable.’

Richard Hall Head of Geography, Weston College
What our customers say

'These resources support all students by building up each topic from first principles and they provide the necessary breadth and depth that is needed to prepare them for the novel contexts faced in today’s exam questions. Foundation and extension all in one!'

Phil Armstrong Head of Biology, Birkenhead School
What our customers say

'The materials provided by Curriculum Press are ideal in terms of building the foundations for the core aspects of Biology but also in enabling students to access and engage purposefully with stimulating, enrichment material. The resources can be put to use efficiently and with clear links to specifications and examination style questions. Thoroughly recommended for students and teachers.'

John Blair Head of Biology, The Manchester Grammar School
What our customers say

‘Geo Factsheets provide students with fresh and up-to-date case study material. It allows students to become insightful geographers and thus demonstrate this in their extended answers and essay writing.’

Chris Critchlow Head of Humanities, Derby Grammar School
What our customers say

‘Geo Factsheets represent a detailed, comprehensive and contemporary reference library that provide stretch and challenge to students of a range of abilities.’

Rich Papper Head of Geography & Humanities, Chosen Hill School
What our customers say

‘We have happily used Media Studies resources for a number of years now. They have consistently provided a wide range of rock-solid theory, fully relevant to core key subject and unit areas, whilst linking to contemporary industry examples for context. They are constructed in such a way that allows an easily digestible guide, whilst still allowing enough depth for students to access the core learning requirements at this level. Highly recommended.’

Ross Beamish Head of Media and Film Studies, Wycliffe College
What our customers say

‘Our students like these resources as they complement their textbooks offering support and extension for the vast majority of topics in the current specifications. Clear and simple explanations with good diagrams and extension material. New Factsheets regularly include new topics and updates.’

Maria Schram Faculty Leader Science and Technology, British School of Brussels, Belgium
What our customers say

‘Geo Factsheets fill the gap between the textbook and up to date geographical information or case study. Students increasingly need to go beyond the textbooks in order to achieve the top grades, this resource goes a long way in closing that gap.’

Paul Douglas Head of Geography, Crompton House C of E School
What our customers say

‘I would thoroughly recommend Curriculum Press resources for use at A-level in Biology and now with the more rigorous 9-1 Biology GCSE courses. They are well organised, and enable pupils to quickly grasp concepts, and then extend their understanding using the questions at the end’.

Mrs L White Saint Ambrose College

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