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We are constantly looking for hungry teachers and examiners to join our excellent team of authors. If you believe we can benefit from your expertise, please get in touch.

Besides generous fees, it is a great way to enhance your portfolio.

We'd love to hear from you.

If you are interested in contributing, or have ideas you would like to put forward, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

What our colleagues say

‘I feel very supported as an author working with Curriculum Press. Clear guidance on authoring and always a chance to review and edit the work before its final publication. The team at CP are proficient, professional and very approachable. They seem to pay a lot of attention in making the Factsheets look the very best they can for the customer.’

David Holmes Geography Author
What are colleagues say

‘I have worked for Curriculum Press as a Factsheet Author and Editor for over 15 years. They are an innovative company to work for. They consistently publish new topics which means that their resources are of very high relevance to students working on the new specifications. At the same time, prices have been pegged to reflect the tight budgets schools have to cope with!’

Sue Warn Geography Editor and Author
What our colleagues say

‘I am responsible for maintaining a team of authors whose work I edit to ensure that it meets current exam board specifications and publication deadlines. I also continue to submit my own work for publication. This role affords me the perfect balance between autonomy and support. The General Manager is hands-on and always willing to offer help, feedback and advice. This work is a really interesting addition to my day job and Curriculum Press are a pleasure to work for.’

Jeanine Connor Psychology Editor, Author and Psychotherapist
What our colleagues say

'Having used Biology Factsheets extensively with my students, I am now enjoying authoring and editing these excellent resources. The titles are carefully chosen to fit in with current specifications yet also include that extra detail, application and interest which students enjoy. My team of authors are highly specialised and their varying interests are reflected in the quality of their Factsheets. Being part of the Curriculum Press team has been very rewarding. Their feedback and advice are given promptly and their attention to detail ensures that the final publication is polished and professional.'

Margaret Royal Biology Editor and Author
What our colleagues say

‘I have worked with Curriculum Press for over ten years and have always found them to be supportive and professional. The resources produced in my subject area are always targeted towards the needs of students, teachers and the curriculum and I am proud to be associated with this excellent resource.’

Stephanie Hendry Media Studies Author

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