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What our customers say...

What our customers say

'These resources support all students by building up each topic from first principles and they provide the necessary breadth and depth that is needed to prepare them for the novel contexts faced in today’s exam questions. Foundation and extension all in one!'

Phil Armstrong Head of Biology, Birkenhead School
What our customers say

'Geography Factsheets are a fantastic resource. They are very detailed in nature and provide excellent information for pupils. The Factsheets are contemporary and this means that pupils can stay up to date with new ideas and themes. Often, the Factsheets also include exam style questions on the topics presented and this just adds to their value in the classroom.'

Tom Howell Head of Geography, St John's School, Leatherhead
What our customers say

‘Excellent resources for A Level Geography. They provide extra information from the text book that serves to motivate and engage students to become geographers. Presented using a range of images, texts, and data in a very engaging manner including further research and exercises which are invaluable.’

Richard Hall Head of Geography, Weston College

What our colleagues say...

What our colleagues say

‘I have worked for Curriculum Press as a Factsheet Author and Editor for over 15 years. They are an innovative company to work for. They consistently publish new topics which means that their resources are of very high relevance to students working on the new specifications. At the same time, prices have been pegged to reflect the tight budgets schools have to cope with!’

Sue Warn Geography Editor and Author
What our colleagues say

'Having used Biology Factsheets extensively with my students, I am now enjoying authoring and editing these excellent resources. The titles are carefully chosen to fit in with current specifications yet also include that extra detail, application and interest which students enjoy. My team of authors are highly specialised and their varying interests are reflected in the quality of their Factsheets. Being part of the Curriculum Press team has been very rewarding. Their feedback and advice are given promptly and their attention to detail ensures that the final publication is polished and professional.'

Margaret Royal Biology Editor and Author
What our colleagues say

‘I feel very supported as an author working with Curriculum Press. Clear guidance on authoring and always a chance to review and edit the work before its final publication. The team at CP are proficient, professional and very approachable. They seem to pay a lot of attention in making the Factsheets look the very best they can for the customer.’

David Holmes Geography Author

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