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Global Risks and Resilience

This topic is included in Paper 3 for International Baccalaureate (IB DP) Geography. Resources to support this topic can be found below.

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A Level Geography

439. The Impacts of COVID-19 on Cornwall

This Geo Factsheet explores the complex impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the county of Cornwall...

A Level Geography

421. Drought in South Africa

This Geo Factsheet examines the causes, impacts and management strategies of the recent droughts in...

A Level Geography

419. The Australian Bushfires of Summer 2019-20

This Geo Factsheet examines the complex causes of the recent Australian bushfires in the light of...

A Level Geography

291. A Sustainable Urban Future – Are Transition in Initiatives the Answer?

In this Geography Factsheet you will find: • What are possible earth futures? • What is a...

A Level Geography

182. Acid Rain: Yesterday’s Problem?

In this Geography Factsheet you will find:• What is acid rain?• Acid deposition processes.• Case...

A Level Geography

161. The Global Shift

In this Geography Factsheet you will find: • The complexity of the global shift. • Reasons for the...

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