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The Processes That Shape Our Weather and Climate

This topic is included in AS Unit 1 for CCEA - GCE Geography. Resources to support this topic can be found below.

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A Level Geography

420. Air Masses, Jet Streams and our Weather

This Geo Factsheet evaluates the impacts of the interplay of air masses and the jet stream on U.K....

A Level Geography

167. A Simple Guide to Energy Budgets

In this Geography Factsheet you will find:• Importance of the energy budget.• Understanding the...

A Level Geography

146. Depressions

In this Geography Factsheet you will find: • The development and movement of a low-pressure...

A Level Geography

106. Anticyclones – A Potential Hazard?

In this Geography Factsheet you will find: • An introduction to anti-cyclones. • Anti-cyclonic...

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