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Water and Carbon Cycles

This topic is included in A Level Paper 1 for AQA Geography. Resources to support this topic can be found below.

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A Level Geography

448. COP26 and Australia’s Carbon Controversies

This Geo Factsheet explores the controversial issues related to the decision to phase down coal...

A Level Geography

446. For Peat’s Sake: The Importance of Peatlands and Bogs

Peatlands are a vitally important ecosystem as they play such a major role in both the hydrological...

A Level Geography

437. Loss of Rainforest in the Amazon: An Ongoing Issue

This Geo Factsheet provides an update on the ongoing issue of deforestation of the Amazon...

A Level Geography

432. Case Study of the River Mersey Drainage Basin

This Geo Factsheet provides a useful case study of the River Mersey, which is fairly typical of...

A Level Geography

427. Human Impact on the Hydrological Cycle

This Geo Factsheet explores the growing impact of humans, both directly and indirectly, on the...

A Level Geography

422. Flooding Along the River Severn - February 2020

This Geo Factsheet explores the recent flooding along the River Severn which in spite of ongoing...

A Level Geography

421. Drought in South Africa

This Geo Factsheet examines the causes, impacts and management strategies of the recent droughts in...

A Level Geography

414. Water Supply: Day Zero Cities

After a review of current issues about the quality and quantity of the global water supply which...

A Level Geography

406. Tropical Storms in Mozambique During 2019 – Cyclone Idai and Cyclone Kenneth

As part of an ongoing series on extreme weather events, this Geography Factsheet compares two...

A Level Geography

396. Water Security in Murcia

This Geo Factsheet explores the reasons for Water Insecurity in Murcia in Southern Spain, a region...

A Level Geography

384. Carbon Fieldwork

Carbon fieldwork for the NEA provides a rich seam of ideas and can allow students to move away from...

A Level Geography

342. Introduction: The Carbon Cycle

In this Geography Factsheet you will find: • What is carbon and why is it important? • The...

A Level Geography

386. The Paris Agreement

The Paris Agreement represents the most recent in a series of international accords aimed at...

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