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Topic 5: The Mitotic Cell Cycle

This topic is included in AS/A2 Papers for Cambridge International (CIE) Biology. Resources to support this topic can be found below.

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A Level Biology

237. Mitosis vs Meiosis

This Biology Factsheet: • Gives a simple overview of the processes. • Summarises and compares...

A Level Biology

104. Biological Basis of Cancer

This Biology Factsheet summarises the causes, characteristics, diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

A Level Biology

76. The Eukaryotic Cell Cycle and Mitosis

This Biology Factsheet summarises: • The different phases of the eukaryotic cell cycle (a...

A Level Biology

Cell Cycle and Mitosis - A-Level PowerPoint

This is an A-Level Biology PowerPoint Presentation on Cell Cycle and Mitosis.

A Level Biology

Mitosis and Cell Cycle – A-Level Exam Doctor PowerPoint

This is an A-Level Biology Exam Doctor PowerPoint Presentation on Mitosis and Cell Cycle. The Exam...

A Level Biology

Mitosis Cell Cycles Questions - A-Level

These are practice examination questions on Mitosis Cell Cycles for A-Level Biology.

A Level Biology

Mitosis Cell Cycles Answers - A-Level

These are the answers to the Mitosis Cell Cycles practice questions for A-Level Biology.

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