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Topic 12: Energy and Respiration

This topic is included in Paper 4 for Cambridge International (CIE) Biology. Resources to support this topic can be found below.

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A Level Biology

359. Sodium, Potassium and Calcium Ions

This Biology Factsheet: • Describes the role of ions in living organisms. • Explain how ions form....

A Level Biology

316. Cofactors

This Biology Factsheet will: • Explain the meaning of the terms cofactor, coenzyme and prosthetic...

A Level Biology

223. Chemiosmosis

This Biology Factsheet summarises: • What is meant by the term ‘chemiosmosis’. • Chemiosmosis in...

A Level Biology

222. Coenzymes

This Biology Factsheet summarises the role of coenzymes in photosynthesis and respiration and...

A Level Biology

172. Answering Exam Questions on Respiration

This Biology Factsheet will enable students to successfully answer exam style questions on the...

A Level Biology

129. ATP – What it is, what it does

This Biology Factsheet summarises: • The composition of ATP. • Energy for ATP synthesis. • What ATP...

A Level Biology

61. Chloroplasts and Mitochondria

This Biology Factsheet will summarise: • The structural similarities and differences between...

A Level Biology

31. Enzyme Control of Metabolic Pathways

This Biology Factsheet: • Defines what is meant by an enzyme. • Explores how the rate of enzyme...

A Level Biology

12. Respiration

This Biology Factsheet: • Defines what is meant by cellular respiration. • Categorises the four...

A Level Biology

Respiration - A-Level PowerPoint

This is an A-Level Biology PowerPoint Presentation on Respiration.

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