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  • KS2 Science Interactive Dictionary

    KS2 Science Interactive Dictionary

    A fantastic interactive resource that uses high quality images, animations, drag and drop activities and videos to explain over 700 scientific terms and principles to really bring science alive! Se...

    Price £65.00more info
  • KS2 Numeracy Dictionary CD-ROM

    KS2 Numeracy Dictionary CD-ROM

    Over 350 numeracy word definitions Search facility Image and interactive activity for each term Printable worksheet for supporting and extending learning Multiple Choice Quiz for every term ...

    Price £75.00more info
  • KS2 Dictionary Bundle

    KS2 Dictionary Bundle

    Buy 2 of our great Primary science resources This offer includes: KS2 Numeracy Dictionary CD-ROM (normal price 75.00 + VAT) KS2 Science Interactive Dictionary (normal price 65.00 + VAT...

    Price £100.00more info
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