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Practical Skills

This topic is included in AS and A Level Papers for Pearson (Edexcel) Biology (A). Resources to support this topic can be found below.

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A Level Biology

383. Gram Negative and Positive Bacteria

This Biology Factsheet: Explains the difference between Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria....

A Level Biology

372. Serial Dilutions

This Biology Factsheet: • Explains the term ‘serial dilution’. • Describes how a serial dilution is...

A Level Biology

371. Using Eyepiece Graticules and Stage Micrometers

Eyepiece graticules and stage micrometers are used to measure the actual sizes of cells and tissues...

A Level Biology

301. Electron Microscopes

This Biology Factsheet will look at how the two main types of electron microscope work: The...

A Level Biology

136. Practical Investigations for Photosynthesis

This Biology Factsheet will look at photosynthesis-related investigations.

A Level Biology

130. Investigating Catalase

This Biology Factsheet summarises:• The importance of catalase.• Describes how catalase can be used...

A Level Biology

114. Practical Techniques Microbiology II: Measuring the Growth of Microorganisms

This Biology Factsheet covers the techniques involved in measuring the growth of bacteria and other...

A Level Biology

103. Practical Techniques in Microbiology I: Culturing Bacteria

This Biology Factsheet summarises:• Safety in the microbiology laboratory.• Culture containers and...

A Level Biology

83. Chromatography and its uses in Biology

This Biology Factsheet summarises: • The principles and method of simple paper chromatography. •...

A Level Biology

75. Microscopes and Their Uses in Biology

This Biology Factsheet summarises: • Students must be aware of the limitations of microscopes.•...

A Level Biology

Food Tests - A-Level PowerPoint

This is an A-Level Biology PowerPoint Presentation on Food Tests.

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