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Topic 8: Control of Gene Expression

This topic is included in A Level Paper 2 for AQA Biology. Resources to support this topic can be found below.

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A Level Biology

Biotechnology – A-Level Exam Doctor PowerPoint

This is an A-Level Biology Exam Doctor PowerPoint Presentation on Biotechnology. The Exam Doctor...

A Level Biology

367. Immobilised Enzymes

This Biology Factsheet:• Describes the role of enzymes. • Explains what immobilised enzymes are. •...

A Level Biology

364. DNA Profiling

This Biology Factsheet:• Gives an overview of DNA profiling.• Outlines some of the techniques...

A Level Biology

361. Control of Gene Expression

This Biology Factsheet:• Describes the role of genes and proteins.• Outlines the process of protein...

A Level Biology

336. CRISPR/Cas Gene Editing

This Biology Factsheet explains what the CRISPR/Cas system is, how it works in nature, and how it...

A Level Biology

328. Epigenetics

In this Biology Factsheet you will learn three things about epigenetics;what it is, how it works,...

A Level Biology

271. The Myth of “Junk” DNA

This Biology Factsheet summarises: • An overview of protein synthesis. • Why gene regulation is...

A Level Biology

269. Eradicating Mosquitoes via GM

This Biology Factsheet: • Explains how scientists have created self-destructing and flightless GM...

A Level Biology

255. The Biology of Paternity Testing

This Biology Factsheet: • Explains the ABO system of blood grouping and its importance in blood...

A Level Biology

250. Using DNA to Solve Crimes

This Biology Factsheet: • Summarises the key techniques of the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) and...

A Level Biology

238. Stem Cells: Research, Potential, and the Law

This Biology Factsheet summarises: • What stem cells are. • The development of embryonic and adult...

A Level Biology

215. Genetic Testing and Screening

This Biology Factsheet: • Explains how genetic testing and screening are carried out. • Summarises...

A Level Biology

167. Biosensors

This Biology Factsheet summarises: • The components of a biosensor. • What a biosensor does. •...

A Level Biology

148. Industrial Uses of Enzymes

This Biology Factsheet will outline the major advantages and uses of enzymes in commercial and...

A Level Biology

137. GM Farm Scale Evaluation Trials

This Biology Factsheet summarises the scientific approach taken to GM farming and the results.

A Level Biology

94. Gene Mutations

This Biology Factsheet summarises: • The nature and causes of gene mutation. • The effects of gene...

A Level Biology

86. Human Genome Project (HGP)

This Biology Factsheet summarises: • The main aims of the HGP. • Findings of the HGP. • Ethical,...

A Level Biology

69. Genetic Engineering in Agriculture

This Biology Factsheet summarises the applications of genetic engineering in agriculture that are...

A Level Biology

51. Gene Therapy

This Biology Factsheet describes in simple terms the process of gene therapy and review some of the...

A Level Biology

47. The Economic Importance of Enzymes

This Biology Factsheet provides a detailed summary regarding the economic importance of Enzymes.

A Level Biology

13. Genetic Engineering

This Biology Factsheet: • Explores the basic principles of genetic engineering. • Examines the...

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