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Interactive Science in PowerPoint - KS3


Interactive product with complete coverage of years 7-9 (ages 11-14) in easy-to-use PowerPoints.

Ideal for starters, plenaries and quick revision sessions.

Covering Biology, Chemistry and Physics at KS3 level.

• 7A Cells
• 7B Reproduction
• 7C Environment & feeding relationships
• 7D Variation & classification
• 7E Acids & alkalis
• 7F Simple chemical reactions
• 7G Particle model of solids, liquids and gases
• 7H Solutions
• 7I Energy resources
• 7J Electrical circuits
• 7K Forces & their effects
• 7L Solar system and beyond
• 8A Food and digestion
• 8B Respiration
• 8C Microbes and disease
• 8D Ecological relationships
• 8E Atoms and elements
• 8F Compounds and mixtures
• 8G Rocks and weathering
• 8H Rock cycle
• 8I Heating and cooling
• 8J Magnets and electromagnets
• 8K Light
• 8L Sound and hearing
• 9A Inheritance and selection
• 9B Fit and healthy
• 9C Plants and photosynthesis
• 9D Plants for food
• 9E Reactions of metals and metal compounds
• 9F Patterns of reactivity
• 9G Environmental chemistry
• 9H Using chemistry
• 9I Energy and electricity
• 9J Gravity and space
• 9K Speeding up
• 9L Pressure and moments
• 9M Investigating scientific questions

*This download will only open and run on Windows Computers. It isn’t compatible with handheld mobile devices, or Apple Mac Computers.*

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January 2010

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