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ICT Club Workshop – KS2


Want to set up a KS2 ICT Club but worry about the time it will take or your knowledge of ICT? Problem solved…

KS2 ICT Club has everything you need to be up and running tomorrow!

Written by a practising KS2 teacher who runs 2 ICT Clubs (there’s too many children who want to do it for just 1 club), this manual contains everything you need to set up and run an exciting, child-directed club that enables them to learn new ICT skills through fun exploration.

The download includes manual for guidance to plan several lessons and includes teachers notes and student worksheets. The files contained within the compressed '.zip' file are Microsoft Word Documents and PDF files.

* This .zip download may only open, extract, and run on Desktop Computers. It may not be compatible with handheld mobile devices. *

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.ZIP (compressed) 10.969 MB

Date Published

January 2010

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