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  • KS2 ICT Club CD-ROM
  • KS2 ICT Club CD-ROM
  • KS2 ICT Club CD-ROM
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  • Want to set up a KS2 ICT Club but worry about the time it will take or your knowledge of ICT? Problem solved!

    KS2 ICT Club has everything you need to be up and running tomorrow!

    Written by a practising KS2 teacher who runs 2 ICT Clubs (there’s too many children who want to do it for just 1 club), this CD-ROM contains everything you need to set up and run an exciting, child-directed club that enables them to learn new ICT skills through fun exploration.

    Here’s Rob Dodds (the author):

    “ I often find that the children will get the most out of these activities if they set their own goals and don’t feel the performance pressure that many will in class. The certificates they earn are highly sought after in my school and the children love the chance to evaluate their own work using the pupil voice sheets…. Children choose which project to work on and can work individually, in a pair or in a trio, but each must produce their own finished work to get a certificate. The mix of age ranges leads to the children working with partners they would never really spend time with otherwise, giving the younger children the chance to work with “the big kids” and the older children a sense of responsibility and an opportunity to pass on (or show off) their knowledge.

    I tend to work my way around the groups acting more as a facilitator than a teacher. The most common answer I give to their questions is “Try it and see what happens”. Let’s face it, that’s what the undo button is for!”

    Download demo here

    6 ICT Projects:

    • Media Master- record audio samples and create a radio play.
    • Go Go Logo - use logo programming language to draw shapes and designs.
    • Web Wizard - create your own website.
    • Fact Hunter - hunt for facts about ICT and how it developed.
    • Cartoon King - create your own animations.
    • Rock Star - create your own band, from band logo and CD cover to venue choice and music creation.

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