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AS Chemistry in PowerPoint

  • AS Chemistry in PowerPoint

AS Chemistry in PowerPoint

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  • 892 slides arranged in 29 AS Chemistry topics.

    Foundation Chemistry:
    Atoms, Molecules & Stoichiometry, Atomic Structure, Periodicity, Chemical Bonding and Structure.

    Physical Chemistry:
    Solution Calorimetry, Combustion Calorimetry, Enthalpy Changes, Standard Enthalpy Changes, Hess's Law, Bond Energy Calculations, Equilibrium Reactions, Acid Base Equilibria, Rates of Reaction, Catalysis, Rate Questions.

    Organic Chemistry:

    General Concepts, Alkanes, Alkenes, Halogenoalkanes, Alcohols.

    Demo Version

    This demo contains 5 topics for you to view.

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    System requirements
    Pentium III or above
    Windows 98 or later
    Hard Drive: 20MB
    Memory: 16MB
    Graphics: 800 x 600 x 16bit colour
    CDROM drive