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AS/A2 Biology Questions and Markschemes

  • AS/A2 Biology Questions and Markschemes

AS/A2 Biology Questions and Markschemes

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  • 580 questions covering the core of the Edexcel, OCR, AQA and WJEC specifications. Each topic contains a range of differentiated questions, each based on a separate case study. All questions have a detailed, student-friendly markscheme.

    AS Level
    AS01 Cell Biology
    AS02 Biomolecules
    AS03 Enzymes
    AS04 Transport in animals
    AS05 Transport in plants
    AS06 Gas exchange
    AS07 Mitosis/Cell cycle
    AS08 DNA/RNA/ Protein synthesis
    AS09 Genetic engineering
    AS10 Human reproduction
    AS11 Diet/digestion
    AS12 Ecology/energy cycles
    AS13 Management of human influences
    AS14 Reproduction in flowering plants
    AS15 Immunity
    AS16 Effects of exercise
    AS17 Tissues
    AS18 Diseases
    AS19 Xerophytes/hydrophytes/cultivated plants
    AS20 Tools and techniques

    A2 Level
    A201 Metabolism
    A202 Photosynthesis
    A203 Homeostasis/kidney
    A204 Nervous conduction
    A205 Biodiversity/taxonomy
    A206 Field studies, theory and practice
    A207 Genetics
    A208 Meiosis and variation
    A209 Mutation
    A210 Evolution
    A211 Plant growth substances
    A212 Muscles/locomotion/skeleton
    A213 Microbiology
    A214 Biotechnology
    A215 Diseases/immunology
    A216 Asexual/sexual reproduction in plants/animals
    A217 Autonomic nervous system
    A218 Temperature regulation
    A219 Statistics for biology
    A220 Synoptic questions

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