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A2 Chemistry in PowerPoint

  • A2 Chemistry in PowerPoint

A2 Chemistry in PowerPoint

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  • 917 slides arranged in 82 A2 Chemistry topics.

    Acid-Base Equilibria:
    History of Acid-Base Theories
    Acid-Base Definitions for A2 Measuring pH
    pH Calculations for Strong Acids & Bases for Weak Acids
    pH Changes During Serial Dilution of Acids
    Buffer Composition and Action
    Buffer pH Calculations
    Measuring and Calculating pH Changes During Titration
    How Indicators Work
    Choosing an Indicator for a Titration
    AS Equilibrium Summary
    Theory of Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Equilibrium Constants
    Kc and Kp
    Calculations Relating to Kc and Kp for Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Systems
    Ions In Solution:
    General Properties
    Hexaaqua Ions with NaOH(aq)
    NH3(aq) and Na2CO3(aq)

    Organic Chemistry: Phenol, Polymers
    Organic Nomenclature
    Amino Acids & Proteins
    Aldehydes & Ketones
    Carboxylic Acids and Esters
    Organic Analysis
    Aromatic Chemistry
    Organic Synthesis

    Kinetics: AS Kinetics Summary
    Measuring Rate of Reaction
    Rate Equations
    Deriving Rate Equations
    Arrhenius Equations
    Relating to Mechanisms

    Redox Chemistry:
    AS Redox Summary

    Electrode Potentials :
    Measurement, Applications & Thermodynamics
    Manganate(VII), Dichromate(VI) and Thiosulphate Titrations
    Redox States of Transition Metals

    Period 3 Chemistry:
    Period 3 AS Summary
    Period 3 Elements with Water and Oxygen Period 3 Oxides with Water and Acids & Bases

    Lattice Energies
    Hydration Energies
    Heats of Solution
    Bond Energies
    Entropy Changes
    Free Energy Changes
    Transition Metal Chemistry: Complexes
    Variable Oxidation States
    Coloured Compounds
    Catalytic Activity
    Manganate(VII) & Dichromate(VI), Titrations

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