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A-Level Mathematics Factsheets on CD-ROM

  • A-Level Mathematics Factsheets on CD-ROM
  • A-Level Mathematics Factsheets on CD-ROM
  • A-Level Mathematics Factsheets on CD-ROM
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A-Level Mathematics Factsheets on CD-ROM

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  • Code: MAA-FSCD-121
  • Mathematics Factsheets have been written to provide busy teachers and students with definitive guides to the major topics which feature on AL specifications. Written in a straightforward way and assuming only GCSE level knowledge, each Factsheet includes exam-style questions with answers, along with exam hints and examiners' comments.

    Mathematics Factsheet Titles

    D 001 The Travelling Salesperson Problem
    D 002 The Route Inspection Problem (Chinese Postman)
    D 003 The Simplex Tableau / Algorithm
    D 004 Dijkstra’s Algorithm
    D 005 Matchings
    D 006 Sorting Algorithm

    M 001 Resolving And Combining Forces
    M 002 Momentum and Impulse
    M 003 Equations of Motion in One Dimension
    M 004 Displacement-Time And Velocity-Time Graphs
    M 005 Forces in Equilibrium
    M 006 Vector Motio

    ASP 001 Indices
    ASP 002 Introduction to Logarithms
    ASP 003 Answering AS Questions On The Binomial Theorem
    ASP 004 AS Trigonometric Equations I
    ASP 005 Answering Exam Questions on Arithmetic Series
    ASP 006 Arithmetic Series
    ASP 007 Introduction to differentiation
    ASP 008 Geometric Series
    ASP 009 Factor & Remainder Theorems
    ASP 010 Surds
    ASP 011 Radians, Sectors And Segments
    ASP 012 Questions on Graph Sketchin

    A2P 001 Functions
    A2P 002 Integration By Substitution
    A2P 003 The Modulus Function
    A2P 004 Answering A2 Exam Questions on Differentiation
    A2P 005 Parameters
    A2P 006 Vector Equation of a Line
    A2P 007 The Binomial Theorem
    A2P 008 Differentiating Exponential, Logarithmic and Trigonometric Functions
    A2P 009 Algebraic Fractions
    A2P 010 Integration by parts
    A2P 011 Using Rsin(θ + α)
    A2P 012 The Sign Change Method

    S 001 Normal Distribution: Introduction
    S 002 Answering Exam Questions on Probability
    S 003 Discrete Random Variables: Introduction
    S 004 Coding and Scaling
    S 005 Modelling in Statistics
    S 006 Linear Regression

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