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2017 GeoPress+ Articles x 12 (Singapore)

  • 2017 GeoPress+ Articles x 12 (Singapore)
  • 2017 GeoPress+ Articles x 12 (Singapore)
  • 2017 GeoPress+ Articles x 12 (Singapore)
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2017 GeoPress+ Articles x 12 (Singapore)

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  • Code: GEP-FSSD-001
  • Advanced Geography Articles for Post-16 Students

    We are pleased to announce that the following 12 articles are now available for purchase:

    01. The Population-Resource Relationship
    How do the views of Thomas Malthus, Ester Boserüp and David Harvey differ on the population-resource relationship?

    02. MDGs vs. SDGs
    How are the Sustainable Development Goals different from the Millennium Development Goals?

    03. The Rio Earth Summits
    What are the developments of the multilateral agreements in the Rio Earth Summits across time?

    04. Urban Waste Management
    How do cities manage non-hazardous solid waste?

    05. Past Tropical Climates
    What were the past tropical climates like during the Pleistocene and Holocene period?

    06. Landscapes in the Arid Tropics
    What are the processes that lead to the formation of fluvial and aeolian landscapes?

    07. Mass Movement in the Tropics
    To what extent are the mass movement processes that occur in the humid and arid tropics similar?

    08. Tropical Weathering
    How do weathering and soil-forming processes differ across the humid and arid tropics?

    09. The Human-Environment Relationship
    What are the different philosophical approaches to human-environment relationships?

    10. Water Privatisation
    What is the impact of the privatisation of water on society and environment?

    11. Age-Friendly Cities
    How liveable are cities for the elderly?

    12. Nuclear Energy
    Is the use of nuclear energy our answer to climate change?

    Brief outlines of the above titles contents, including page totals and word counts, can be downloaded by clicking here.

    In 2017, we have been working closely with our clients at the Ministry of Education in Singapore to produce 12 bespoke articles, aimed to support pre-university students and teachers of CIE Geography. A diverse range of topics are covered in detail, and the articles can be used to supplement learning for all major British exam boards. Our feedback from teachers suggested that these resources would benefit high-level students and that schools in the UK should have access to them. 

    A sample article can be downloaded here: 12. Is the use of nuclear energy our answer to climate change? 
    Please note that this sample isn't in full resolution and has been downsampled and watermarked.

    Once purchased, the 12 articles will be sent as digital PDF files to the email address used to placed the order, unless otherwise instructed.

    If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to email us: info@curriculum-press.co.uk or call 01952 271 318


    Unfortunately, we cannot accept any orders from customers based in Singapore.